Bring Creativity into Your Unique, Themed Playground Design

Your sports or play area deserves a unique playground design that is exciting and fits in with the surrounding area. A themed playground with a colourful bright design is a great way to generate buzz around a new or refurbished play area. Get your local community interested in visiting and having fun outdoors this summer with a creative and safe space to play.

tropical island themed rubber mulch play area
Playground Design as an Expression of Your Unique Playground Identity

A centrepiece to bring your playground design together is a great way to express the value your site brings to your local community. Themed playgrounds can bring history and imagination to life with 3D elements that provide tactile stimulation to enhance play for all ages! Mounds of coloured rubber mulch can be shaped into simple or intricate designs by our expert installers as unique play features or for 3D decoration in parks and gardens.

JungleMulch is a vibrant and non-toxic sustainable flooring material made from recycled tyres that can be installed as a flat surface, with textured parts, or mounds. With a less disruptive installation process and a lot of flexibility in how and where you can lay it, incorporating this bonded rubber mulch is the best safety surface for engaging, fun playground designs that are resistant to weathering and erosion.

Textured playground flooring is also a brilliant way to build the value of inclusivity into your playground design. Jungle Mulch pathways can be used with other surfacing such as wet pour rubber or with raised bumps and bright colours to provide accessibility for the visually impaired on pathways and playgrounds. Express how important having a safe space to play is for everybody by incorporating accessibility into your playground design in unique ways.

Practical Playground Design with Mixed Surfacing Options

PlaySmart offers a variety of playground surface options because we know that each playground needs specific considerations to match what it needs. The best surface for children’s play areas may not be the same as the adjoining sports surface or even the accessible pathways incorporated into the site.

Combining playground flooring can meet the variety of needs your playground has, especially in multi-use or smaller sites. Your playground surface options should adapt to the requirements of your geographies and what your users are looking for. More complex patterns can be added to existing wet pour surfaces such as our colourful RubbaSmart wet pour, with EDPM rubber mulch or Jungle Mulch overlay designs that continue to provide safety surfacing protection while looking amazing!

If you are looking for affordable sustainable flooring options for the majority of your playground, Corkeen cork flooring is a great choice (for more on Corkeen you can read our Guide to Corkeen). However, if some areas require special considerations such as greater critical fall heights under equipment, you may require safety surfacing such as rubber grass mats to keep your play area safe.

Mixed flooring playground designs can be used to provide fully functional sites for varied uses easily. Modular grass mats such as EcoSmart can be easily applied on any grass surface next to another flooring material. Whereas Corkeen, when installed by our professional playground installation team, has clear edges that provide smooth transition between different surface materials.

Natural or Bright, you need Colourful Designs that last!

Different playground themes require a unique blend of colour and patterns to turn your play area ideas into a reality and attract more visitors.

In the playground design process, our installation team works with you, your time-frame, and your budget to choose the right playground design for you. This can involve creating unique designs and colour combinations in your mixed flooring design, or we can help you choose from our wide range of existing options and colour blends to suit your playground project. Autumnal colours, bright blends, or unique blues and greens can be easily applied over large areas to suit any playground, while more unique designs are placed in particular focal areas to draw your users to certain parts of the site.

Naturalistic colours are great to create unobtrusive pathways and natural play areas that match the surroundings of your outdoor area. Bright colours create the best surface for children’s play areas and particularly are amazing nursery or primary school playground ideas as younger children and infants see brighter, primary colours more clearly and find designs using them more interesting and exciting! Jungle Mulch and EPDM Mulch uses all-natural, non-toxic colourants to create a huge range of unique colour blends that do not wear off over time with heavy play or rain.

Some of our Favourite Themed Playground Projects…
Play Video
Play Video
Interested in Expressing Unique Play Themes in Every Part of your Playground Design with PlaySmart’s Design and Installation Team?

Are you looking for advice and playground design help to find the right playground surface option to make your dream play area idea a reality? You can get in touch by requesting a call back or quote with our handy contact from at the top of our page, or by calling: 01564 742811.

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