PlaySmart’s Trademarked Rubber Grass Mats Installation Guarantee

Grass mats are a must-have for any playground, providing fall protection, ground stability, and wheelchair accessibility to your play area. PlaySmart’s approach to our rubber grass mats sets us apart from other play surfacing companies, we take special care and pride in our innovative materials, product design, and trademarked installation specification.

For a deeper overview of our grass mat materials and uses, why not have a look at our Guide to Grass Mats?

Our Innovative Grass Mats
grass mats

Even our basic grass mat option is designed to reflect our principles of sustainability and innovation. Using recycled rubber, these thick rubber mats are eco-friendly and durable with bulkier designs built to last.

EcoSmart heavy-duty rubber matting (13.5kg per mat) creates a shock-absorbent, soft landing for critical fall heights of up to 2.m, in line with API guidance. This is a much more effective safety solution than plastic tiles or lighter matting provided by other suppliers, making them ideal grass mats for any play space.


PlaySmart’s original fire proof mat solution provides an added assurance to protect against fire hazards with accredited self-extinguishing performance to British Standard 7044.

This makes FireSmart the best protective floor mat for areas prone to vandalism or around wooden playground equipment or the treeline.

shockpad for play surface

A unique innovation of our grass mat system (also available as a protective shockpad underlay for artificial grass on request), our SmartPlay system is a patented ground reinforcement mesh layer applied underneath a rubber mat as a safety pad.

When applied properly, the interlocking floor mats have been found to increase critical fall heights to 3m, even when tested on a rigid base. Aside from being an amazing impact mat, the rubber SmartPlay layer can also decrease risks of mat subsidence or sinking by dispersing weight across more layers, decreasing pressure on the ground below.

visible grass mat under wooden playground equipment
Grass mat under wooden playground equipment with grass grown through
EcoSmart Installation Specification

Here at PlaySmart, we take our responsibilities as top surface installers very seriously. Therefore, we ensure that all our installations are completed to a strict standard and that we train our team on our trademarked installation process is a priority right from the start of their time working with us.

First, the area should be surveyed to identify any uneven ground and issues addressed by filling gaps with topsoil (and grass seeds if necessary) which is then compacted and tampered to create level ground. Once the site is flat, the planned area is measured and the mats are placed flush to one another, the rubber mats cut to size around obstacles.

The next stage is to join and fix the mats to the ground. Mats are connected using crossed cable ties evenly spaced to our exact specifications with the ends trimmed to avoid sharp edges. Once connected, the joined mats are fixed in place along a dug recess in the soil and turf by black plastic ground pegs at a specified distance from one another. These plastic pegs are firmly pushed into the ground to provide added security and remove the tripping hazard loose pegs can cause with less professional installation jobs.

Finally, the dug turf is wedged back into the recess at the side of the mats, watered, and tampered to create a smooth, non-trip edge to the mats. The completed installation is then resurveyed, cleaned, and inspected to ensure all hazards have been removed and the area is flat and secure to the ground.

Our Promise to You

Our installation process is a lot more standardised and careful than a lot of other manufacturers. Poor installation can lead to needless hazards, and decrease the lifespan of the mats, increasing long-term costs to the site.

PlaySmart has been able to provide play areas across the country with top-quality, long-lasting rubber playground flooring, gaining us a lot of trust and reputation in the play industry. We are truly the Smart Choice for your surfacing requirements.


Our safety surfacing is always independently tested to ensure they comply with critical fall height and other British and European standards. Read our guide to our playground safety standards for more information on the safety guarantees we provide you.


Our post-installation sign-off process is just as rigorous as our initial surveys and the installation itself! All projects foes through a full inspection by our experts and must be countersigned by the client in order for our job to be fully finished.


Our safety surfacing comes with a ten-year product and a five-year installation guarantee when installed by our team. This means that the product is designed to last for up to a decade, and the original installation is certified to last for at least five years with minimal maintenance and upkeep, after which some repairs may be required. This is a very high standard of product and installation guarantee for the industry, proving how our surfacing really does go above and beyond!

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