The Best Fitness Zone- What is a MUGA?

A MUGA, or Multi use Games Area is a great way to save space and money while still providing a wide variety of sports. One single space with multiple kinds of sports markings, goals, and nets suitable for a range of sports. From football and basketball to hockey and netball, a MUGA allows for any sport to be played and enjoyed in one place.

Why Choose a MUGA?

A multi-purpose sport court provides the freedom to explore different forms of sport and exercise. In sports areas with limited space (local sports clubs or schools), a court site for all sorts of activities is a clever solution.

A great fitness zone or social area suitable for any interest or ability can bring a space together as a focal centre of your outdoor site. Versatility and choice in a space designed for sport and exercise fosters inclusivity and promotes physical fitness on each individual’s terms for a more fun experience.

MUGA sports pitches come in a variety of sizes and with facilities for a range of different sports. The design of your MUGA is fully customisable with personalised sports markings and even logos available in our sports surface options. Choose the options for sports that suit your site and the wants of your local sports lovers so they can use the whole space, or one modular section of a larger site as their own sports court to enjoy.

FlexCourt's modular sport surface installed in a MUGA sports court
Find the Best MUGA surfaces with FlexCourt

Your sports court deserves a top quality surfacing solution that won’t be worn down by heavy use and only requires minimal maintenance. Flexcourt (only available in the UK through PlaySmart) is a premium modular sports court surfacing solution for any sport.

In a MUGA, you need a durable multi-purpose surface with the best ball bounce, foot grip and minimal hard impact. The engineering of FlexCourt’s outdoor court designs are suitable for a wide range of sports with these requirements. Therefore, the surfaces are perfect for basketball, tennis, hockey, football, and more. The patented Flexion structure of the porous mats expands with pressure on the surface. This reduces reduce strain when stepped on while providing a stable surface for balls to bounce.

As a modular surface, FlexCourt is easy and quick to install in any area. The interlocking rubber mats are locked together securely to provide a flexible but stable surface. This makes these modern outdoor floor tiles the perfect outdoor court material for large sports areas or small MUGA.

SoftStep from FlexCourt

This is the standard soft sports surfacing option from FlexCourt with their triple FleXtraction design. Lateral forgiveness comes standard in all outdoor court options to reduce strain. However, SoftStep provides the best traction on a non-abrasive surface while providing shock absorption with the ¾ inch thick mats.

ProStep from FlexCourt

For a professional court, ProStep expands on the technology of SoftStep to provide industry-leading traction design. Therefore offering reduced risks of slipping and injury. Rain for longer and harder on a shock-absorbent surface provided by the maximum FleXion rating from FlexCourt.

Are you looking for more product choices and technical FleXion ratings from Flexcourt? Visit their full US product site or discuss your options with PlaySmart’s UK experts.

MUGA sports line markings

In addition to having a space for any sport, a MUGA also requires sports markings suitable for any sport. In a multi-use area, line markings for different sports overlap, especially around goal areas. This can become confusing if these lines are not clear or fade over time.

Therefore, our designs take into account the clarity and longevity of the sports markings. FlexCourt sports surfaces have custom inlaid sports markings available in a range of colours that will not fade over time. FlexCourt has a 16-year warranty and a proven lifecycle of 20+ years. Therefore, your MUGA will remain usable for years to come.

Flexcourt MUGA in orange with blue, white and yellow markings
Upgrade your Sports Area with a MUGA from PlaySmart

Creating a space for freedom and choice in sports is vital to get people (especially children) active. A MUGA court can help make any space into a hub for all kinds of sports. Therefore, it is a great investment for any public playground, school site, or even community leisure area.

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