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How can you choose the right surfacing company for you? The unique solutions, guarantees, and approach the company takes to providing the best service possible should be considered in relation to your budgets, long-term goals, and vision for your site.

Get your free quote from PlaySmart and talk to our team to discover the solutions we can provide for your site. We’ll happily talk you through our process and unique features and how they can fit into your development. Keep reading to learn more about what to look out for when talking to surfacing companies, empowering you to ask the right questions and get the right solutions for you.

Providing Tailored Solutions
Corkeen pathways with swing

Our wide range of products allows us to provide you with the best options that suit your design and vision for your development.

Finding the surface solution that is perfect for your site is an important investment for any project to reach its full potential. If your surfacing is not fit for purpose, lacks safety protection, does not fit the theme of your site, or isn’t suited to the natural shape of the landscape, you may need to make further investments into extra maintenance, fixes, or replacements, costing more and disrupting the use of your site.

This is why our design and planning process is shaped around our clients. From our wide range of playground surface options, our expert installers are guaranteed to help you find the solution to your aesthetic, safety, and accessibility requirements and concerns.

For developments with tight budgets like local council or community parks, a multifunctional surface solution can be a huge money-saving outdoor flooring idea. One versatile surface for different purposes can also reduce the disruption time during the installation.

While some playground floor materials may only be suited to a certain type of activity; think walkways with minimal grip for runners, or sports areas with only one type of sports marking, PlaySmart’s surfaces are able to provide the best playground, sports, and leisure surfaces for a variety of activities. For example, Corkeen is a unique cork sustainable flooring option that provides a firm surface for accessible walkways, textured grip for running and sports activities, and safety protection as a shock-absorbent surface to protect underneath playground equipment.

Product Guarantees
Vibrant green and blue EPDM rubber walkway under playground equipment

Although longevity differs for each product, we aim to ensure that the surfaces retain their quality for years to come when treated with the recommended maintenance. If your surfacing experiences reasonable wear and tear within this period, we will replace your surfacing and matting free of charge.

Materials are built to last, with care put into the longevity of the materials and structure of the surfacing. Notably, our grass mats are unlike any other option on the market. Thicker, heavier mats with a patented installation process that keeps your matting secure, and fixed in place to provide consistent safety for longer. We believe in the quality of our products, so if they do need replacing at any point over 5 years of use, we will replace them free of charge.

To extend the lifetime of your rubber surfacing products in heavy-use areas, we recommend the use of EPDM mulch rubber edging and wear pads. The higher tensile strength and virgin, full-colour rubber shred prevents shrinkage of the surface and avoids wear of the material or colour that wet pour rubber can experience. These EPDM features can be installed in fun patterns to revitalise and reinforce your existing playground or form the basis for a completely new development for a long-lasting surface.

In the collaborative planning process, our expert playground installation team will give you all the guidance you need to ensure your outdoor area provides fun and remains safe for as long as possible.

Installation Guarantees
EcoSmart grass protector matting underneath wooden playground equipment

Installation guarantees vary for each type of surfacing, but any worthwhile company will provide free repair services to your matting or flooring for years after installation.

For our popular EcoSmart grass matting installation, PlaySmart provides a 3-year installation guarantee. Our expert repair team will be happy to repair issues with fixings and the mats themselves within a 3-year period.

We understand that with regular use, and even with appropriate care and maintenance, your surfacing will likely benefit from some maintenance to keep it functional and safe. With our installation guarantee, it is our mission to ensure your surfacing remains secure and usable for as long as possible, so your playground keeps on providing safe fun for years to come!

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