Pros and Cons of Using Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

Rubber mulch is one of the most popular products available on the playground surfacing market. Made from shredded recyclable tyres, it’s a water permeable safety surface with the look of natural bark. We’ve seen our own brand of rubber mulch, JungleMulch, continue to grow in popularity over the years, due to its versatility and diverse range of uses. Rubber mulch can be used for a variety of applications; including landscaping, specialist sports such as golf pathways and of course, playgrounds. As with all safety surfaces, there are pros and cons of using rubber mulch for playgrounds that must be considered.

1). Colour and design of rubber mulch

Our JungleMulch product comes in a range of colours that will stay bright due to our unique organic colouring process. Although we’re able to offer JungleMulch in a selection of natural colour blends, those looking to incorporate more colourful and intricate designs may be best suited to use our own brand of wet pour, RubbaSmart.

2). Durability

The durability of rubber mulch is second to none! As the mulch is bonded, it stays in place and is, therefore, a much more durable solution than other loose fill alternatives.

3). Maintenance requirements

As with any playground surface, we recommend that clients regularly inspect their rubber mulch installation to watch out for any damage and to ensure the surface stays clean and safe. When quickly addressed, these problems can be solved at a lower cost than more severe issues.

We recommend:

  • Sweeping the rubber mulch surface regularly
  • Occasionally pressure washing the area
  • Removing small issues such as oil and chewing gum as soon as possible
  • Pulling any sprouts/weeds/etc that become seeded

4). Safety

PlaySmart was founded with the promise to provide playground-flooring solutions where the safety of children is the top priority of everything we do. JungleMulch offers excellent slip resistance whilst being fully wheelchair and buggy accessible. We can install JungleMulch at a range of fully certified depths to provide fall protection to suit your requirements.

Critical Fall Height (m)JungleMulch Depth (mm)

5). An all-weather playground flooring solution

With cold winters and warm summers, finding a flooring solution that is suitable for use all year round is important to help get the most from playground equipment.

Rubber mulch playground surfaces eradicate the concerns around the hardness of the ground in both hot and cold spells of weather.

6). Quality of product

Although rubber mulch can be a more expensive product than other alternative playground flooring solutions, you do pay for quality. Having spent time researching other mulches on the market, we’ve concluded that as a general rule of thumb, cheaper surfaces tend to be less safe.

Installing our JungleMulch product means that you’ll have a safer product with a lifespan far longer than cheaper counterparts.

7). Environmentally friendly playground surface

Recycle symbol on rubber tyres

Unlike other competitor rubber mulches, our JungleMulch is made from shredded recycled tyres, meaning that it is an environmentally friendly surfacing solution.

More information on the pros and cons of using rubber mulch for playgrounds

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For more information on our wider product range, including JungleMulch, why not take a look at our brand new product brochure. To download, please click here.

4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Using Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

  1. Would want to get this in my back garden so autistic child with pica has a safe place to play garden is roughly 60m2

    1. Hi Aiden, if your child is young and likely to be crawling in the garden or play on their hands and knees, we wouldn’t recommend Rubber Mulch. Due to it being a recycled product, all rubber mulch will release carbon black colouring, which will stain skin and clothing. The alternatives would be EPDM mulch, artificial grass, or wet pour rubber, which of these options would be of interest to you?

  2. hi there, i am looking for a quote for a large local swingpark I can get you the plan of the park if this helps?

  3. Hi,
    There has been a lot of concern about the high levels of lead and chemicals found in shredded tyre mulch. Can you guarantee that yours is toxic free? Many thanks

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