Aberfeldy Installation

About a month ago, at the end of August/start of September, we installed a massive wetpour playground on a Willmott Dixon home development site in Aberfeldy, London.

The whole area took 11 days to install, however the project as a whole lasted for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the team came up against a number of set backs. The main two were to do with wetpour and weather.

  • Midway through installation, our supplier sent us some additional top layer wet pour, however it was the wrong colour!
  • The weather has a big impact on installations and unfortunately it impacted on this project – the issues with the weather forced us to cancel and move the project on a couple of occasions. 

However, the team powered through and managed to do an excellent job of the wetpour playground installation, and took some brilliant step-by-step photos along the way.

Photo 1 – The base wet pour has been installed across the whole area, and lines have been drawn out for the shapes and colours of the top layer design.

Photo 2 – The red and orange top layer wet pour has been installed and cut to shape. It was midway through this stage that we required additional materials.

Photo 3 – This photo was taken mid-way through installation of the yellow-cream colour.

Photo 4 – Finished project! At this point, other contractors had fitted the wooden ramp onto the area and planted some shrubbery for the finishing touches of the play area.

wet pour play area
wetpour playground design

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