Is Jungle Mulch Right for me?

Do you like the look of Jungle Mulch as a surfacing solution for your outdoor space or school playground flooring? Are you however, still unsure about whether Jungle Mulch is the right option for your needs?

PlaySmart has the information you need to help you decide if Jungle Mulch can fit the requirements of your next project! Whether you are looking for play area safety surfacing, slip-resistant sports and outdoor play area or trying to find the best surface for your children’s play area, this article can help.

But First, What is Jungle Mulch?
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Made from shredded recycled tyres, Jungle Mulch is a water-permeable rubber mulch surfacing solution with the look of natural bark. Jungle Mulch is available in many different rubber mulch colours and blends. Therfore, we can work with you to create a surface that fits your vision for your ideal playground design.

Jungle Mulch is a cost-effective alternative to wet pour rubber surfacing. Additionally, it is a more durable and lower-maintenance answer to loose-fill surfacing.


As far as safety surfacing and shock absorption, JungleMulch is a safe bet as a playground cushioning material.

It is a better alternative than gravel or wood chips, which can be a lot less pleasant for a child to fall onto. The bonded rubber mulch ensures excellent slip-resistance, and is also fully buggy and wheelchair accessible. This means that a rubber mulch surface like Playsmart’s Jungle Mulch is inclusive and safe for everybody! Find out more about our dedication to accessibility here.

Our JungleMulch has a range of critical fall height measurements dependent on:

  • The mulch depth
  • The base rubber depth
  • The total surface depth.

Starting at a critical fall height of 1.3m, which is the UK standard, it can reach 3.1m and still be perfectly safe. Perfect for playground equipment with higher playing levels.

Do you have critical fall height concerns? Then you can check out our Smart Play safety surfacing available in EcoSmart or FireSmart rubber surfacing solutions

Durability and Life-Span

Jungle Mulch usually has an expected life-span of up to 10 years, provided proper rubber mulch maintenance is done. It has an advantage over other surfacing options; for example, being cheaper than wet pour, more robust than loose wood chips and so on.

Having your rubber mulch installation managed by a team of experts is also a vital step to a long-lasting product, as it ensures quality materials, quality installation and quality after-care advice.

Jungle Mulch Rubber Mulch Maintenance

Our playground rubber Jungle Mulch is a low maintenance product in comparison to other safety surfaces. This is because the surfaces are made of high quality easy to clean rubber mulch.

It needs to be swept regularly to prevent buildup of debris, occasionally pressure washed to keep the surface clean, remove any foreign objects (i.e. litter) and removing any weeds growing through the mulch. These four easy steps will prevent any large-scale build up that could lead to clogging or blockage of your surfacing. Therefore, reduces the need to pay out for repairs or replacements.

Will JungleMulch withstand harsh weather conditions in my area?

Jungle Mulch is the best surfacing solution to avoid muddy feet while giving easy access in wet weather for wheelchairs or buggies. As a safety surface, it also complies with all required British Standards for slip and fall resistance.

Also, being a water permeable surface, it prevents standing water by letting rain drain through the surface.

A playground with a wooden and cloth teepee and red brick wall, using our Jungle Mulch Rubber Mulch surfacing cover in blue and gray colours.
Jungle Mulch Surfacing and Playground ideas
Golf pathways

A difficult task for many golf clubs is maintaining the lengthy pathways that link up the various areas of the course. This requires a lot of maintenance throughout all seasons, including fixing the ground and re-seeding required areas.

Jungle Mulch can offer the perfect surfacing solution for such pathways as it looks natural and sympathetic to surrounding landscapes. While also taking pressure off players wearing spiked golf shoes.

A golf pathway using our multi-coloured Jungle Mulch Rubber Mulch surface cover in a golf course, surrounded by grass and next to a pond
Surfacing for nursery and public spaces

In early 2017, PlaySmart worked with Discovery Timber Play to complete a makeover using Jungle Mulch, our exclusive brand of Rubber Mulch for a nursery school in bright colours transforming their school playground into a pleasant environment for children to enjoy.

A school playground using our Jungle Mulch Rubber Mulch surfacing solution in the colours gray and pink in a unique and interest design fitting with mushroom shaped seats and wooden planters

With a vibrant pathway design making the most of the natural feel of Jungle Mulch to link up music areas, water-play and raised beds, the overall effect has a real impact.

The use of Jungle Mulch has also allowed them to retain their existing trees as the surface is water permeable and flexes to accommodate tree roots.

With this project finished, all children in the nursery can experience the benefits of outdoor play!

Example Uses of JungleMulch
  • Parks and recreation grounds
  • Areas with equipment
  • Children’s play areas
  • Embankments and tree surrounds
  • Erosion and weed control
  • Paths/trails
Example Uses of JungleMulch
  • Durable, all weather surface
  • Very low maintenance
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Suppresses weeds, but accommodates tree and plant growth
  • Minimal sub-base required, saving money
  • Quick to install, with minimal disruption to the ground and site

We continue to innovate and promote only the best products to ensure quality and safety is met.

Get in touch today and of our advisors will be more than happy to help and guide you on your next project.

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Best wishes, the PlaySmart team!

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