Your Expert Guide to FlexCourt for Sports Surfaces

FlexCourt multigame sports surfaces are a premium indoor and outdoor sports court material. PlaySmart is FlexCourt’s UK distributor. We are therefore, here to give you the run-down of how your outdoor sports areas can benefit from FlexCourt sports surfaces

Where should you Install FlexCourt?

As a multigame sports surface, FlexCourt is appropriate for sports court surfaces for a range of sports and intensities of activity and use. The modular surface is available with a wide choices of personalised sports markings. Therefore, you have a variety of options to suit the purpose of your FlexCourt surface.

This surface is very popular with a variety of users. This is because of the quality and versatility of Flexcourt’s slip-resistant patented Traxion® surface and ergonomic Flexion® structure. Some of our most popular sites for FlexCourt installation include:

  • Schools
  • Professional sports clubs
  • Indoor sports halls flooring
  • Amateur sports clubs
  • Public playgrounds
  • Outdoor gym mats
  • Amusement parks
  • Multi-sport courts
  • Backyard courts
  • Events
  • Hotels
  • Greenfield projects
  • Renovation projects
  • Recreational areas
  • Camping sites

Fully Accessible Surfacing

The secure structure of the modular surface ensures that your FlexCourt flooring remains flat even through heavy play. Therefore, those with reduced mobility can play safely. The individual rubber mats fit together with a unique and innovative interlocking security feature to create seamless surfaces so everybody can enjoy access to sports!

On installation, PlaySmart recommends our finishing ramps to give even greater accessibility to make your court fully wheelchair accessible. This inclusivity is one of our most important values as a company and a reason why we pay such close attention to the long-term and holistic function of all our surfacing solutions.

Enhanced Ball Bounce

Sports like tennis and basketball are among the most popular sports courts among our clients Therefore, our quality surface must provide adequate bounce to keep the game going. FlexCourt’s Traxion® finishing technology in its surface design absorbs very little energy from each bounce. Therefore, the ball can stay in play longer, extending the fun of the sport!

Protective Ergonomic Structure

Keeping our sports court users safe and healthy is very important to us here at PlaySmart. Therefore we provide only the best ergonomic structure in our sports surface material, from FlexCourt’s Flexion® design.

The unique structure of the FlexCourt rubber surfaces puts minimum strain on the joints. Therefore, sports become accessible to older people and those with other joint and mobility issues. Wider groups of people can therefore also play safer for longer with this innovation in health-conscious sports flooring and impact-safe outdoor gym mats.

Reliable Weather-Resistance

The Flexion® design of these mats also means that the surface is self-draining, not having any issues with puddling. This improves the slip-resistance of the surface, while also improving longevity and providing resistance to bacteria, mildew, and surface moulds.

FlexCourt is incredibly popular for its uses in outdoor sports courts for this reason. Our clients don’t have to worry about protecting large surfaces from the elements as the issues are taken care of from the start through smart design.

FlexCourt's modular sport surface installed in a large multi-use sports court
Low Maintenance and Long Lifecycle

There is little to no maintenance required for FlexCourt Rubber sports surfaces. Additionally, the material is self-drainage and wear-resistant. Therefore, the most common worries for outdoor and indoor sports surfacing are not a concern with FlexCourt.

All that this surface requires is occasional surface cleaning to remove stains. This process is quick and easy so you can get right back to the sport!

Longevity is often an issue for sports courts seeing heavy use, but the innovative structure and manufacturing used by FlexCourt reduce the impacts of wear and tear significantly. FlexCourt surfacing offers a 16-year warranty, but has a proven lifecycle of over 20 years!

Like with all of our surfaces, PlaySmart provides our No Quibble Guarantee to support you and your surface from start to finish. Find out more in our No Quibble video series here.

Creative Colour and Design

Multi-use sports courts require a range of sports markings and colour combinations to truly represent the wide breadth of activities possible. FlexCourt comes in a variety of standard and non-standard colours and we work with you to include your logos or specific design specifications to create your perfect sports space.

Your custom design solution is easy to achieve and lasts as long as your surface. We recommend including your design specifications from the very start of manufacturing the surface. this is because this allows us to create inset logos and markings. So that your markings last longer and keep your court looking fresh and unique!

Is FlexCourt Right for you?

Do you think that FlexCourt is the surface solution right for your outdoor or indoor space? You can request a call back for more advice from our experts on our Contact Page. You can also call us at 01564 742811.

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