PlaySmart become sole FlexCourt distributor for the UK

It is of great pleasure to announce that PlaySmart will become the sole FlexCourt distributor for the UK, supplying and installing their interlocking sports surfaces. We’re really excited to start installing these high-performance multigame sports surfaces at schools, sports clubs and public recreational areas throughout the UK.
Anothony Managing Director
Anthony Johnston
Managing Director

FlexCourt is a global leader in high-performance modular sport surfaces. Their mission of helping people create lasting memories indoor, outdoor, at home and in the community is one we can certainly get on-board with. With custom designs available and little to no maintenance, their product is the right choice for many different types of customers.

With FlexCourt’s modular solutions you combine the benefits of a premium game court with top-of-the-line user-friendliness and simple maintenance. Perfect for both professional and recreational use, FlexCourt can be used for a variety of applications from volleyball to badminton and tennis to hockey, name a sport and we’ll have a solution for you! Finishing ramps are available too, giving greater accessibility for everyone wanting to get involved in sport.

FlexCourt offers a fast and easy installation solution that is ideal for both greenfield and renovation projects. And with game lines factory painted or inlaid into the system, your maintenance schedule will also be significantly reduced. 

Patented Flexion® structure offers superior ergonomic qualities whilst patented Traxion® surfacing gives both better ballbounce and footgrip. We can also have your FlexCourt surface personalised according to your preferences – with special lines, non-standard colours or even a specific logo! 

And on top of all this, we can offer a 16-year warranty, with a proven lifecycle of 20+ years!

Flexcourt can be personalised with special lines, non-standard colours or a specific logo!
flexcourt colour options
FlexCourt standard colour options

As you know, safety is at the heart of everything PlaySmart. With every new product we bring on board we make sure that it fits our high expectations and FlexCourt’s system certainly does. Their multigame sports surfaces use patented Flexion® structure that is ergonomic and safe – putting minimum strain on joints. The tiles themselves are self-draining, so you’ll never have any issues with puddling. And to top it all off, the system is also resistant to bacteria, mildew and surface moulds.

Just a few areas where the FlexCourt solution can be used… Schools, public playgrounds, sports clubs, camping, hotels, amusement parks, backyard courts, events or recreational areas to name just a few!

To get a quote from the only FlexCourt distributor in the country, give us a call on 01564 742811 or drop us an email at

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  1. Hello – I have a tennis court that I’m looking to resurface and looking to get a surface that I can play tennis, football and possibly basketball on. Therefore do you have a surface that could work with this?

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