Your Guide to our Fireproof Mats with FireSmart

FireSmart Grass mats installed under a red play tower

PlaySmart’s original and premium fireproof mats lead the way for the UK playground flooring sector in playground safety surfacing solutions. FireSmart is the best choice to meet your safety concerns.

Whether you are concerned over the impact of fire and vandalism, or fall safety during play, don’t worry! Because PlaySmart has you covered!

Fire safety

The structure and material of our FireSmart grass mats create superior fireproof mats with the accreditations to prove it!

The British Standard 7044 determines the testing of self-extinguishing of the matting material within 60 seconds from ignition. The 10mm outer wall of the rubber material structure provides strength and durability to the mats. Additionally, they aid in protecting the natural grass surface from ignition.

In areas prone to vandalism or with timber play equipment, a reliable fireproof mat is a great asset to protect your playground’s safety. Therefore, we hgihlly recommend FireSmart mats if this is a concern for any outdoor site.

You can also find out more about the engineering that goes into our FireSmart rubber grass mats, you can read our full FireSmart brochure [pdf].

Safety Surfacing

Rubber grass mats such as FireSmart matting provide a more reliable safety surfacing guarantee than plastic safety tiles. Especially important is that they provide a softer landing from greater fall heights.

Critical Fall Height is required for testing as part of British Standard EN 1177 to represent the minimum protection the surfacing can provide over a concrete base. In this independent assessment, FireSmart achieved safety guarantees for Critical Gall heights of 0.8m on concrete. But over grass, as is typical of our recommended installation bases, this jumped up to 3m!

Even better, when combined with our patented SmartPlay 45 shock pad underlay system, on-concrete critical fall heights could protect against falls as high as 2.4m. Therefore, no matter the ground quality of your outdoor flooring, PlaySmart can provide you with the assurance required to keep your play surfacing safe!

For more information and industry specifications across our rubber grass mat range, take a look at our comprehensive Guide to Grass Mats and PlaySmart’s SmartPlay system.

Durability and Our Other Guarantees

PlaySmart uses the best materials and our experienced installation team for our playground projects. Additionally, we provide a 10-year product and 5-year installation guarantee with minimal upkeep required.

Our 5-year installation guarantee is based on the quality of our installers and the high levels of care we take in our installation procedure. Rubber grass mats don’t require the heavy groundworks of some other surfacing solutions. This means less disruption for you and your playground site. Also, the strong binding of each mat and our unique ‘harpoon’ pegs ensure a very high standard of installation. Therefore, edges are unlikely to lift. We can also make these mats fully buggy and wheelchair accessible upon request.

The rubber used for our FireSmart fireproof mats is from a unique blend of recycled, reclaimed, and natural rubber. Many of our clients praise this for their durability, eco-friendly considerations, and ultimately, their cost-effectiveness.

For another of our eco-friendly sustainable flooring options, check out our EcoSmart grass mats as an alternative safety surface idea. You can also read our expert article on PlaySmart’s Grass Mat Innovations for more context on our unique approach to play safety.

Problems to look out for

Depending on the quality and type of base over which we place the mats, the critical fall height of FireSmart may be impacted negatively. Soil makeup, moisture, and grass conditions play a large role in providing safety protection. Therefore, our expert installers are here to provide you with exactly the protection you need.

Does your play area have poor ground conditions or require a critical fall height consistently above 2m? PlaySmart recommends the SmartPlay shock pad underlay as part of your rubber mat safety surfacing system. This improves the Critical Fall Height protection significantly. Additionally this also reduces the risk of sinkage over time of the mats themselves.

Depending on the conditions of the mats and the surrounding areas, fire retardant mats may not be able to guarantee fire will not be an issue. Also, these mats give you an added barrier of protection. This is because they provide the appropriate, independently tested self-extinguishing technology. However, additionally, all play areas should have a clear fire evacuation plan. Communication with local fire departments are also key to maintaining a fire-safe play area.

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