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As the UK’s leading expert in playground surfacing grass mats, PlaySmart is dedicated to providing you with all of the information and tools you need to make an informed decision for what is the right surfacing solution for your outdoor area.

We recommend our rubber grass mat technology as an exciting innovation for price, durability, and function in playground safety flooring. Our grass mat range provides an ideal safe playground idea for any outdoor area looking to optimise its return on investment and safety.


EcoSmart Grass Mats are the intelligent choice for safety surface grass matting. The recycled rubber honeycomb structure surfacing are an eco-friendly, easy-install option for any site. Old-fashioned flooring such as hard plastic or tile safety surfacing are less durable and less effective than long-lasting naturally shock absorbent rubber.

EcoSmart rubber grass mats installed on a playground under various play equipment

EcoSmart offers a 10-year product and 5-year installation guarantee, making them one of the most durable and reliable surfacing options on the market. PlaySmart is proud to offer our No Quibble Product Guarantee on all of our surfacing, meaning our expert team is there for you after installation if any problems arise. However, our focus on quality and innovation in our products reduces this issue as with suitable grass mat maintenance continued on the surface, your playground is expected to stay reliably high-quality throughout its lifespan.

One of the things our customers love most about our EcoSmart Grass Mats is the low maintenance requirements. The porous surface prevents puddling and flooding, and as the grass grows through the mat, all you need to do is mow when required, simple!

Safety Specifications

Our number 1 priority in our safety surfacing is to provide the best surface for children’s play areas through effective and top-of-the-line slip and fall protection.

Critical Fall Height for EcoSmart mats has been measured at 2.25m with a good grass base in independent, reliable field tests. However, in areas with variable weather and ground-quality conditions, we recommend installing a SmartPlay shock pad underlay to ensure increased fall protection for these heights.

Meeting and exceeding British Standards in slip and fall resistance is a mission PlaySmart has long been dedicated to fulfilling. Testing in accordance with BS EN 1177 for fall protection, and BS 7188 for slip and fall resistance has been carried out on our rubber mat flooring solutions. So be reassured that PlaySmart is certified to provide the quality our previous happy customers claim in their reviews!

Other Benefits

Among the many benefits of EcoSmart Grass Mats are:

  • Year-round installation
  • Grass, soil, and land erosion control
  • Working with the natural grass growth to provide a natural look
  • Minimal groundwork costs and time
  • Hard-wearing
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect for any outdoor area, including areas with equipment, skate parks, recreation grounds, outdoor gyms, and play areas for any age group.
FireSmart rubber grass mats installed on a playground under timber play structures

A great innovation, unique to PlaySmart’s rubber mat provisions is our fire-resistant rubber grass mats, FireSmart. Now an industry standard for fire retardant surfacing, FireSmart rubber grass matting provides up to 3m of Critical Fall Height protection with a good grass base in addition to its fire resistance.

Fire-Resistance Technology Innovations

These fireproof mats are essential playground surfacing ideas for areas prone to vandalism, around timber play equipment, or dry vegetation.

The ingenuity of this surfacing solution is in its self-extinguishing properties, accredited to British Standards of flammability performance of full extinguishing within 60 seconds of ignition. The 10mm outer wall of a unique rubber blend provides strength and durability suitable for all applications with great value for money as a reliable, long-lasting option.

Rigorous independent testing has been done to ensure that our rubber mat design achieved our goals of providing the best-quality fire-resistant innovations, protecting your playground for years to come. You can find out more about this technology and find what our clients had to say about FireSmart in practice in our FireSmart brochure [pdf]


Our patented SmartPlay shock pad underlay is an innovative and unique addition to provide extra protection from falls from increased heights than our other grass mats. Installed with our EcoSmart or FireSmart grass mats, they can be effectively used with no additional maintenance or intrusiveness for any playground site, creating a natural-looking grass area with an extra safe layer of protection.

Improved Critical Fall Heights

Our key aim in designing and manufacturing our SmartPlay shock absorbent surface underlay was to improve the safety of everyone on the playground in all ground and weather conditions.

For areas that require above a 2m Critical Fall Height, we recommend using our SmartPlay system because it can offer more security in the event of changes to conditions of the grass, soil, and rubber quality. In cold conditions, frozen ground can reduce the effectiveness of the fall protection of basic rubber mat surfaces, but with an extra layer of protection, risks can be mitigated no matter the weather!

PlaySmart offers two varieties of shock-absorbent protection: SmartPlay 25, and SmartPlay 45. Independent tests for BS EN 1177 (2018) accreditation have found that SmartPlay 25 improves the Critical Fall Height performance of conventional EcoSmart grass mats by 1.15m on concrete, and 0.65m on grass. Whereas SmartPlay 45 increases concrete base critical fall height by 1.75m, and over 0.75m on grass.

Patented SmartPlay Technology

SmartPlay’s innovative system has a registered European patent (Number 2794257), as a high-quality innovation to safety surfacing. The foam shock-pad system uses a unique perforated structure and design to work with and enhance both natural grass and the conventional rubber grass mat. Our expert installation team is able to effectively and non-disruptively install the system to the high quality that PlaySmart is always able to offer based on our 20 years of experience.

You can find more information to answer our most common SmartPlay questions in our Q&A brochure [pdf], or easily discover why SmartPlay is so popular, with our ‘Top 10 reasons why you should choose SmartPlay’ [pdf].

Choose PlaySmart for the best flooring ideas!

For more on these innovative playground design options, you can find a full guide to grass mats in our playground flooring brochure. This includes our handy ‘Buyers Checklist’ to ensure all of your questions are answered and you are able to find the best grass mat surfacing solution for the task at hand and your site’s unique environment.

If you are looking for expert advice and playground consultation services, you can fill in our handy contact form or give us a call at 01564 742811.

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