Summer Safety Surfaces for Hot Weather

In the summer, natural hazards can begin to have a larger impact on certain outdoor surfaces. With forethought, responsible and high-quality suitable surfacing options can be chosen that can withstand and avoid the harmful aspects of the season.

PlaySmart’s surface installation team has over 20 years of experience to help you make the best choice for all weather surfacing. Here are some of the most important considerations to keep your surfacing development safe for the summer and beyond

Natural Grass Protection Matting

Natural grass lawns and play fields are very vulnerable to the changeable extremes of the British summertime weather. Hot sun for extended periods can lead to yellowing and balding, and heavy rainfall on dry ground causes flooding and further damage.

Finding a durable, sustainable flooring solution to protect your natural grass without losing the qualities of real grass surfaces is therefore a priority for many this summer. Luckily, PlaySmart has grass protection matting solutions for you.

Hybrid Grass Solutions

Hybrid grass uses synthetic fibres alongside your natural grass growth to mask any imperfections in your lawn and reinforce damaged or at risk areas of grass. Using plant-based plastic fixing pegs, the artificial grass mat is fixed to the ground so it is unable to move or slip even under heavy activity, leading to the huge popularity of hybrid football pitches across the UK.

Using hybrid natural and artificial grass creates a soft lawn surface that looks green all year round. The addition of synthetic fibres to natural grass lessens the pressure and damage experienced by the fragile natural grass, extending its lifespan even in harsh weather conditions.

Rubber Grass Protection Mats

On playgrounds, hot weather can increase the risks of falls as the soil becomes hard and grass dies back unable to act as a playground cushioning material. If this is a concern, grass protector matting is a great safety surface solution that protect both your existing natural surfaces and your playground users.

The boggy, waterlogged lawns new build sites often see can be due to compacted soil from overuse or the use of heavy clay soil for large flat surfaces. This may cause subsidence in poor quality rubber mats. Therefore, ground surveys are undertaken as part of the installation process to advise on your site’s individual needs, either installing different sub-bases or the SmartPlay shock pad system that provides an extra layer of protection to prevent sinking.

Sun Damage to Surfaces

This year we are seeing more and more clear skies with very hot sun, which can lead to a variety of levels of damage to your surfaces. With risks of cracking, fading, or even melting, it is more important than ever to protect your surfaces from the summer heat and avoid costly flooring repairs and playground maintenance.

Artificial Grass Temperature Resistance

All weather pitches for various sports and lawns for shared spaces use artificial grass as it becomes a preferred turf for local authorities and new build developments. One of the key questions to determine the quality of synthetic grass is: ‘To what extend does artificial grass get hot in the sun and does this cause damage?’

Direct sunlight even on the hottest days is not enough to melt or bend the high quality artificial grass blades and, unlike natural grass, plastic will never wilt! However, magnification from unlucky placement of windows and reflective surfaces can cause small patches of damage if not addressed.

When planning where artificial grass lawns are appropriate, always be on the lookout for these sorts of hazards and react accordingly. If this does unexpectedly occur, replacements and artificial grass flooring repairs are simple due to the easy installation process. But as always it is best to plan ahead to avoid these issues that can add extra cost to your surfacing budgets over time.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Colour Fading

Rubber playground flooring comes in many forms that can have varying resistance to weather conditions. Rubber playground flooring can be used to create wonderful patterns with vivid colours that you don’t want to fade over time.

EPDM mulch is an excellent solution to issues of UV colour fading and bleaching. The virgin rubber shred and high quality binding agents are designed to last with minimal playground maintenance or rubber repair required. Therefore, PlaySmart’s RubbaSmart, JungleMulch, and various other surfacing options are available with an EPDM protective layer to reduce UV colour damage and extend the lifespan of the underlying material.

Are your Surfaces Safe for the Summer?

For more summer surfacing hazards explained, explore our fire-risk and fireproof mat advice in our FireSmart article. Or for top tips on creating a safe play environment for kids this summer, visit our seasonal outdoor playground hazards blog.

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