5 Reasons to Choose Playsmart for Your Playground Project

PlaySmart UK is the best place to find professional safety surfacing solutions that last. We are well-known for providing only the highest quality playground flooring and soft surfaces for top-quality safe play for everyone.

Here are the top 5 Reasons our customers choose us for their playground surfacing projects.

1 – Innovation in Play Surfacing
“Your superior products, outstanding customer service and super fast delivery times make you stand head and shoulders above the competition. Your product development is a big plus and provides answers to issues that installers have struggled with in the past.”
dorset council
Dorset Council

We are constantly striving to be on the cutting edge of Smart surfacing design, bringing state-of-the-art playground ideas to our product designs, material choices, and trade-marked installation process. Offering a truly unique approach to safe play surfacing, PlaySmart’s design, planning, and installation team are specially trained in-house to exacting standards, ensuring a long-lasting, seamless result for your play area.

For our signature range of rubber grass mats, our trade-marked installation process goes above and beyond other playground companies to ensure extra safety. This process involves a reliable process of site surveying, measurement of critical fall heights, joining the mats with carefully trimmed cable ties, and laying them securely in an earth recess with fixing pegs to ensure minimal movement or subsidence over time.

Our products themselves also provide something special to the evolution of outdoor play flooring. Searching out new innovative uses of materials, design, and manufacture to provide the ideal space to play perfect for your space. 3 of our most popular and innovative surfacing options are:

  • EPDM MulchSmart– High-quality bonded virgin rubber mulch
  • Hybrid Grass– Durable, synthetic grass that works with real grass for a natural look
  • Corkeen– Sustainable cork surfacing with amazing water-absorbent properties

For full breakdowns on these exciting, modern products, why not explore our Top Product Blogs.

2 - Eco-Friendly Sustainable Flooring
“As an environmental organisation, I think that [FireSmart rubber matting] is also more carbon friendly given that there is no need for aggregates, concrete edging and transport associated with these items”
The Environment Trust

As we continue to innovate and provide the best solutions for all of our customers, we also keep sustainability at the forefront of our development.

For years, we have used recycled and natural materials wherever possible in our surfacing, particularly our rubber flooring solutions. EcoSmart grass mats are made of fully recycled rubber without contaminants or aggregates and help stabilise the ground underneath play equipment, protecting grass and maintaining soil composition. All of this while not abandoning our mission for safety, providing unparalleled protection when paired with our SmartPlay shock pad underlay.

Corkeen surfaces are made from 90% cork from the industry leader in Green materials: Amorim. Held together with natural, non-toxic binders for a smooth finish and sturdy feel, this cork flooring has a negative carbon balance, making it one of the best sustainable outdoor surfacing materials on the market. In addition to the eco-friendly materials, Corkeen is also Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) compliant. Cork naturally provides speedy water absorption, preventing puddling and flooding on your playground or pathways, and keeping the site accessible and safe.

3 – Providing Surfacing Solutions
"The guidance given throughout was invaluable and the works carried out by Steve and his team were done with professionalism and skill.”
Banardos Childrens Centre

We pride ourselves in being a top-quality solution provider, with the right service and product tailored to your needs at any and every outdoor play site or sports ground.

As the sole UK play supplier for FlexCourt, JungleMulch, and Hybrid Grass, PlaySmart is the place to go to find the best surfacing solution for any type of playground project. Whether you are looking for a multi-purpose leisure and sports area in a public park, a safe school playground floor, or a mixed-material play area for a private housing development, we’ll help guide you to the right solution.

The variety of our surfacing products means that you can find the correct solution for your area. Our experts are able to provide full advice on installation times, cost, customization and maintenance needs with the end result and longevity of your playground in mind from the start.

To explore some of the options and possibilities for your playground development, you can view previous projects on our case studies page. Find inspiration and discover the ways different playground designs can benefit any site!

4 – Positive Reputations Across the Play Sector
"From monitoring the work on site, the site workers were extremely proficient and the product appears to be well constructed … it was laid in a better way than a lot of other suppliers have been doing.”
cannock logo
Cannock Chase District Council

As a well-established play solution provider for over 20 years, we have a reputation for the quality of our products and dedication from our team among numerous industries and sectors across the country.

We have provided top-quality services for large play equipment companies, councils, educational facilities, tourist attractions, sporting venues, architects, and landscape developers. In our current and future projects this experience has been useful to guide the planning and installation process in line with the budgets, expectations, and wants of each client, specific to their size and type of project.

Our design and installation teams are fully trained to our exacting standards, especially focused on our trademarked, premium grass mat installation specifications. Further consolidating our team’s professional installation bona fides, we are coming up on the 15th anniversary of PlaySmart becoming a member of the Association of Play Industries (API). This is the lead trade association of the UK play sector, whose support and certification is a recognition of the evidenced high value we provide to UK play areas through our innovation and dedication.

5 - Client-Focused Drive to Success
"From start to finish PlaySmart listened to our needs and made the whole process smooth and hassle-free. From design, through all safety considerations and installation their personal service and attention to detail made them a pleasure to deal with.”
Martley Primary School

Above all, we are driven to provide an unparalleled service to any and all of our clients. Whether they be members of the PlaySmart community or new customers looking for the best solution to their problem we prioritize their experience and results, offering top-notch service and 5-year installation and 10-year product guarantees.

As a long-standing family business pushing the limits of playground innovation, we know the importance of consistency and trust for any contractor or supplier, particularly when working on sites and products intended for children and communities. Therefore we work very hard to give customers total confidence in the quality of our flooring and the workmanship of our installation teams.

If you have any questions about PlaySmart, or want a Quick Quote on a job from us, we encourage you to start a dialogue by filling in our contact and quote forms available from our Contact Page.

We look forward to working with you!

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