Why use an API member?

Here at PlaySmart we have been a proud member of the API since 7th January 2009 (!!)

But who is the API and why should you use an API member?
Hopefully we can answer your questions in this article.

Who are the API?

The Association of Play Industries (API) is the lead trade association for the UK play sector. They aim to represent the interests of manufacturers, installers, designers and distributors of play equipment and surfacing, and campaign at the highest levels for policy recognition of the value of play.

What is the API Charter?

The API Charter highlights the associations goals, aims and beliefs relating to children’s play and wellbeing. It is something that all members strive to follow for the good of the industry and its customers and suppliers. You can read more about their charter here.

Why use an API Member?

All members of the Association have to meet required standards for operational proficiency and integrity as well as demonstrate they possess the relevant commercial acumen required by the Association.

As a member we are bound to a professional code of conduct, adding value and credibility to our business.

  • Quality in play – we are required to meet a benchmark of service in play practice and design.
  • Evidence – we are happy to provide references, examples and case studies of previous work highlighting our commitment to quality.
  • Play value – the API charter drives us to innovate and be the forefront of new thinking in play value, inclusivity and most importantly, safety.
  • Financial security – upon joining the API, all members must undergo credit checks to ensure they are financially sound and can be relied upon to see a project through from start to finish. Members are required to provide play related turnover on an annual basis and the association will randomly carry out financial checks on members.
  • Commitment to standards – we comply with British safety standards and are dedicated to maintaining and promoting our compliance.

You can find out more about the API on their website and read all about their new Play Must Stay Campaign.

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