The importance of enabling environments and playground flooring

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Here at Playsmart we thrive on ourselves on the quality and safety of our play surfacing. As a person looking to use our services, be that parent, teacher, or civil servant; we understand the primary im-portance of keeping a child safe whilst enjoying the experience of outdoor play.

Playground safety surfaces are essential to help reduce the reoccurring injuries in children’s play areas. With children having frequent, low risk trips and tumbles; it is important to make sure playgrounds are fitted with the best flooring to ensure the safety of its users. With head injuries being the main fall to prevent, playground safety surfaces are equipped to deal with shock attenuation.

Children’s play area floors are designed around the playground and its equipment. Factoring in the fall height and impact, flooring is carefully chosen. It’s depth-level is filled to meet the demands of the play equipment, with its surface being thick or soft enough to reduce the impact of a child’s fall. As well as this, slips and trips on the playground floor needs to be considered. Playsmart designs its floors to have slip-resistant quality, which especially helpful for outdoor play in the rainy UK.

When choosing and fitting playground flooring it is important to observe:

  1. What ages is the playground designed for?
  2. Could the surface material become a choking hazard?
  3. Will the surfacing need to match a playground or design?
  4. How much resources do you have for the maintenance of the flooring?
  5. What is your budget for the project (during and aftercare

The importance of playground flooring is that it enables an environment of safe play. Parents can feel assured that their child is safe when playing in a play area with flooring fitted by Playsmart. With our close attention to detail and working to client’s specifications, only the highest rated equipment is used by our fully qualified team.

From safety and to the educational purpose of playgrounds and its flooring. Playsmart is all too aware of the importance of play areas as a means of play for children and a break for adults. For more details on our safety standards or the different playground flooring we offer, have a look on our website.

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  1. That was a fascinating post! A playground is a place where children can work on their bodies, minds, and social skills. As a result, it is critical to have flooring that eliminates the risk of injuries for the fun to continue.

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