Grass Mats: Answering Your Questions

grass mats

Have you decided that grass mat surfaces are the right option for you? This Grass Mat Q&A guide gives you an overview of keeping them well maintained. Additionally, we provide you with helpful tips to ensure quality and longevity.


The most important thing to bear in mind is that you should always use a reputable company that has experience with fitting and repairing this type of play surface. The PlaySmart team have over 20 years experience. We are therefore, one of the most well-established and recommended safety surface suppliers in the industry.

Visible grass mat under wooden playground equipment

Where can I install a grass mat?

We can lay grass mat surfaces in more places than you may have initially thought! We can install our mats in a wide range of spaces. This includes: playgrounds, public and private parks, play areas and so on. They are suitable for existing grass surfaces, seeded topsoil, new turf, mounds and embankments.

How safe are grass mats?

In the UK, all play equipment should come with a CFH measurement (Critical Fall Height). Put simply, CFH is the maximum height of fall from playground equipment to the ground. Unfortunately, children are prone to accidents whilst playing. Therefore, it is important to consider what kind of surfacing is best for your CFH measurements.


Rubber grass mats placed under slide

What is your grass mat CFH measurement?

PlaySmart have always led the way with safety. We recommend the use of single rubber grass mats up to 2.25m Critical Fall Height. Above this point, we recommend the use of the SmartPlay system. SmartPlay provides an extra layer of safety and shock impact.

SmartPlay- Under Surface Safety Impact Pads

What is SmartPlay?

This Grass Mat Q&A would not be complete wihtout an overview of our SmartPlay system!

Smartplay is PlaySmart’s innovative perforated shock layer, designed to be used in conjunction with our premium matting products, FireSmart and EcoSmart. We would always recommend installing any rubber grass mat surface with our SmartPlay brand shock absorbent layers. This is because it provides the best level of protection to those using the play surface. SmartPlay can be installed to protect from CFH measurements of 2-3m.

I’ve heard grass mats can sink, is that true?

Unfortunately, low quality mats can sink in poor ground conditions. This can lead to wet, boggy areas, or the earth coming apart, which results in a hazard.

The first step you can take to avoid this happening is to install in an area where the ground conditions are firm or of a normal standard. However, our skilled team can install on a wide range of ground conditions in the event this cannot be avoided.

Secondly, you should never compromise on quality, as poor quality products will end up costing you more in the long run.

How long can I expect your grass mats to last?

As part of our Quality Promise, our mats come with a 10-year guarantee, because we know we have one of the highest quality products on the market. We provide the layers in order to give the best level of protection to those using the play surface. SmartPlay can be installed to protect from CFH measurements of 2-3m.

What maintenance does a grass mat need?

Grass mats will occasionally need mowing over from time to time, as they slow down rapid grass growth but still allow for growth in order to be eco-friendly.

Also, lift and shake the mats periodically to get rid of any loose soil and unwanted seeds. Cheaper mats need lifting and shaking more often than good quality mats such as the ones PlaySmart offer.

However, mats that have been installed alongside PlaySmart’s exclusive SmartPlay shock system do not need to be lifted, due to the reductions in variations in the ground. Not only are you safer, your maintenance is almost completely cut – what’s not to love!

What maintenance does a grass mat need?

If you’ve made it this far through our Grass Mat Q&A, chances are you’re agreeing with us that grass mats are a safe, low-maintenance, great option for your safety surface. The downside of their possibility to sink is easily rectified by installing our SmartPlay system, which provides an added layer of shock absorption!

For us, it’s a no brainer – take a look at our in-depth grass mats guide or fill out the contact form below, and we can help you decide if grass mats are the option for you!

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