Artificial Grass Installation for Sports Surfaces

Modern artificial grass installations for sports surfaces provide greater durability and versatility than natural grass fields. Choosing the best synthetic grass mats for your sports court or field depends on many different factors.

Artificial grass from PlaySmart comes in a variety of versions and applications. We match our clients with the ideal sports surfacing solution for any football field, hockey pitch, or golf course.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

In recent years, artificial grass has rapidly gained popularity for a whole range of uses. Small parks and local sports fields in partifialr choose this for their recreational sports grounds. People choose artificial grass because of the many benefits it provides, including:

  • Minimal Artificial Grass Maintenance- No mowing, watering, or fertilisers needed. Therefore, it keeps your pitch green year-round without any extra costs post-installation.
  • Uniform, flat surface- Year-round consistent playing surface unaffected by weather, seasonality, or over-use that can cause patchy, boggy grass or tripping hazards.
  • Durability- With secure turf pegs, durable synthetic grass fibres, and expert installation, artificial grass surfaces can withstand heavy foot traffic from high-intensity sports activities.
  • Water Conservation- Synthetic grass mats reduce the costs of water use and remove the need for sprinkler systems. Additionally, it naturally drains rainwater into the subsoil, avoiding puddling.
  • Safety- For high-intensity sports, safety is crucial. Therefore, PlaySmart can install your artificial grass with our patented SmartPlay shock absorbent system for fall protection.
What are 2G, 3G, or 4G+ Grass?

What are 2G, 3G, or 4G+ Grass?

When researching your artificial grass solutions, you may see the terms 2G, 3G, or 4G+. These refer to the generations of artificial grass developed by the industry over the last few decades.

2nd Generation / 2G Artificial Grass

Shorter grass fibres provide a hard surface with minimal shock absorption. Additionally, this design mimics a grass carpet texture. This is because the sand base or other hard sub-base material creates a solid, secure surface. This has been the typical artificial grass material since the 1990s. However, 2G grass is falling out of favour due to its lack of fall protection.

3rd Generation/ 3G Artificial Grass

The most common artificial grass for sports pitches, 3G pitches offer greater grip and shock absorption than natural grass. Long fibres with rubber infill provide a surface option designed for a great sports experience. We recommend this for heavily used football or rugby pitches.

4th Generation+ / 4G+ Artificial Grass

Subsequent generations of synthetic grass have greater shock absorbance with more natural feeling grass. However, the more generational categorisation of artificial grass is becoming obsolete. This is because as surface designers continue to make new innovations, a wide range of different approaches arise.

Advanced materials with different lengths, curls, and shapes of fibre provide a variety of uses for 4G+ artificial grass. You have more options than ever in the world of modern artificial grass solutions. We, therefore, recommend shock pad underlays, different colour options, rubber crumb or cork infills for greater ball bounce.

Close up artificial grass
Artificial Grass Installation Process

  1. Site preparation- Existing ground cover is leveled and natural grass removed. A sub-base may be installed to provide adequate drainage.
  2. Sub-base installation- An aggregate for improved stability may be applied if necessary. Also, PlaySmart can install innovative shock-absorbent, weed-resistant, or seeded matting installed as sub-layers on request.
  3. Artificial turf laying- Grass mats are rolled out across the area. Different sections are applied neatly together to create a smooth, natural look.
  4. Fixing- The grass mats are secured using durable pegs that lay flat to the ground, removing tripping hazards and reducing mat slipping.
  5. Infill and compaction testing- Where necessary we can also apply rubber crumb or sand infills. This is because it provides greater stability, compacted, and tested for drainage and safety performance.

Hybrid Grass Alternative

Hybrid solutions provide a modern alternative to artificial grass that utilises natural grass while boosting the durability of the surface. This option is growing ever more popular for local councils and private developers. This is because the combination of synthetic grass fibres and natural grass enhances the look and feel of your sports pitch.

Artificial grass technologies are a great investment for your sports area to provide a professional and accessible space for everyone. Notably, the 2023 Women’s World Cup final took place on a hybrid football pitch at Accor Stadium. Therefore, Mary Earps won her Golden Glove Award for her amazing penalty save without concerns of slipping on muddy natural grass or getting turf burns from old-fashioned G2 artificial grass!

Hybrid grass football pitch
Looking for more Sports Surface Options or Ready to Install your Artificial Grass Pitch?

PlaySmart provides a range of professional sports surfaces for any requirements. Our focus is always on the quality and safety of our surfaces. Therefore, we strive to help you get the best possible result for your sports area. If you are looking for more sports surface inspiration, you can also visit our Full Guide to Sports Flooring.

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