Hybrid Grass – UK’s New Favourite Lawn Solution

Hybrid grass is quickly becoming a favourite in playgrounds, homes, and sports areas across the UK. But what does this mean for our outdoor areas going forwards? What are some of the reasons people are using it? Is it the option you are looking for to enhance the look and lifespan of your lawn area?

In this blog, PlaySmart gives you the information you need to make an informed choice about hybrid grass. We are also here to help you choose which variety of hybrid grass is the best for your lawn, field, or outdoor development.

What is Hybrid Grass?

Hybrid grass is reinforced natural grass that provides the durability and maintenance benefits of artificial grass. Adiitionally, it maintains the look and feel of natural grass. Traditional grass surfaces growing through the stabilising net-backed grass roll are combined with synthetic fibres of the artificial grass surface.

Rather than being a replacement for natural grass lawns, hybrid grass works alongside your existing grass and even extends its lifespan! The knit-backed grass rolls provide your grass with protection from extensive wear and tear. It also allows it to grow through and give your garden or play area a wonderful natural green look.

Polyethylene plastic grass fibres create extra surface cover for sparse areas of grass for a seamless, full-looking, green lawn. The surface design innovations of hybrid grass also include an eye toward sustainability, with the use of biodegradable polyethylene grass and plant-based plastic pegs for securing the mats to the soil.

Where Can You Use Hybrid Grass?

Across the UK, home gardens are increasingly adopting hybrid grass as a low-maintenance alternative to keep lawns looking fresh and green all year round. For large or small gardens artificial grass installed as a hybrid surface with traditional lawns is a quick-to-install surface solution for a minimal maintenance natural appearance to your lawn without the hassle of groundwork to remove your original grass surfaces. Hybrid grass can create the best playground surfaces for homes or simply a consistently green front garden that people around the country love!

The versatility of hybrid grass as a combination of synthetic and natural creates a low-maintenance grass area with increased durability. This is perfect for sports facilities and running fields that need to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Many football clubs in the UK have embraced hybrid grass for their pitches as a stable surface with a soft feel that keeps ball roll and bounce consistent. Especially in large areas like sports pitches, reducing maintenance requirements is an important time and money saver, on top of being a safe and enjoyable surface for both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

For any playground surface option, safety is naturally one of the top concerns that natural grass, especially in areas with low-quality soil, can’t provide for. Therefore, hybrid grass with a shock pad underlay installed is essential for the ground under any playground equipment. Critical fall height protection from the playground cushioning material with netted structure to allow for grass growth and reduce fall impact reduces risks to playground users without being intrusive to the natural look of the area.

Why is Hybrid Grass on the Rise?

Reduce Water Usage

One reason why hybrid grass has become so popular in recent years is to reduce the water needed to maintain your lawn’s lush appearance. Avoid browning, patchy grass this summer with artificial grass installation alongside your natural grass. This is a common choice because it allows you to conserve water and prevent wastage as a more sustainable flooring option.

Reducing water consumption is good for your local water supply, the environment, and your bills. With hybrid grass, concern over water overuse doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your green lawn this summer. Hybrid grass requires less water to maintain a green lawn. Therefore, the UK faces more frequent and prolonged heatwaves, more local councils, sports facilities, and parks choosing hybrid grass.

Less Upkeep and Maintenance

We know that lawn upkeep can be difficult for people with mobility issues or busy schedules. It can also be an issue for public parks with limited funding. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to settle for less than the greenest lawn. Hybrid grass reduces the need for constant mowing, weeding and reseeding by improving durability and disguising imperfections.

As the synthetic material protects vulnerable natural grass and loose soil to extend their lifespan. Heavy footfall on traditional lawns can create divots, patchiness, and uprooting of the grass. Overuse can ruin the appearance of a lawn. It can also reduce accessibility to the area as the ground can become unstable and uneven. Hybrid grass reduces these impacts with extra layer of smart surface design. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about keeping your outdoor space beautiful and open for all.

Find the Balance between Aesthetics and Functionality with Hybrid Grass

Why not join many others across the UK who are embracing the benefits of hybrid grass in their outdoor projects?

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