6 Reasons Why JungleMulch is the Best Rubber Mulch on the Market

Rubber Mulch Playground with dark blue base and yellow circles around equipment

A surface that has become increasingly popular over recent years is rubber mulch. As a well-established leader in playground flooring, we only offer the best surfacing – enter JungleMulch, our own brand of rubber mulch.

Why is JungleMulch the best rubber mulch on the market?

Here’s why!

1). Safety

At PlaySmart, we’re advocates of children’s safety and believe it should be a top priority when choosing a playground surface. Having spent time researching other mulches on the market, we’ve concluded that as a general rule, cheaper surfaces tend to be less safe. As experts in this field, we appreciate that performance of safety surfacing is affected by soil type, ground condition and the weather. We test our bonded rubber mulch on concrete to offer the worst-case scenario. This gives you and your clients confidence in the real CFH (Critical Fall Height) of our rubber mulch. Testing products on loose soil doesn’t give a realistic protection of day-to-day use.

2). Wide range of uses

Although JungleMulch is a great surfacing choice for any playground – it’s uses don’t stop there! We’ve worked with clients outside of the play industry looking to make use of our knowledge of surfacing and have completed projects at golf courses, theme parks and even supermarkets.

3). Vibrancy of colour

JungleMulch is coloured using an exclusive organic pigmentation system. This means that the colour is brighter and holds to the rubber far better than water-based alternatives. JungleMulch is available in a range of both prime colours and blends, giving scope for both high impact, bold designs or a more natural finish – the choice is yours!

4). Installation

You may have the best safety surface in the world but if it’s not installed properly it won’t be effective. Our installations team fit JungleMulch across the country and follow a strict specification to ensure consistency and maximise safety. JungleMulch also gives added flexibility as it can be installed onto a range of existing bases, which often reduces costly groundwork expenses.

5). Longevity of product

When budgets are tight, finding a safety surfacing that can last through all weathers and still look good as new is a top priority for those wanting to install safety surfacing to their playground. JungleMulch not only stays brighter for longer – it’s also durable and has a longer life than any competitor products. Keeping good maintenance of JungleMulch will help to improve its lifespan.

6). Ease of maintenance

Playgrounds, by their very nature, typically require on-going maintenance. JungleMulch is a low maintenance playground surface choice – it pretty much looks after itself! Areas can be kept tidy by regular sweeping to remove debris, grime and moss. An occasional low-pressure washing with hot water, followed by medium pressure on cold can wash through to the base and away from the surface. As with any surface, be wary of issues such as oil and chewing gum – address these without delay to avoid any further damage.

Find out more about JungleMulch, the best rubber mulch on the market

If you’d like to find out more about the best rubber mulch, JungleMulch and its uses, please feel free to take a look at our ‘How to choose a safety surface’ guide. The guide gives more information about JungleMulch as well as all our other products. To download, please click below.

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