HMS Nelson project sails into completion

Something new this way sails ⛵ 🚢 🌊

Our school and nurseries clients are often looking for an inviting environment with colours, shapes and different textures. This creative design can help develop the children’s minds and stimulate their imagination. HMS Nelson is an amazing example of this design ethos!

We would like to formally introduce the brand new HMS NELSON at Nelson Primary School in Twickenham. We worked alongside our friends at Discovery Timber Play to bring a unique idea to life!

Blue wetpour water and artificial grass

The HMS Nelson Sets Sail

Using our very own Green Frog Artificial Grass created a play area that will last. Also, the artificial grass with leave no muddy mess for the children. Our talented wet pour team brought the water to life using a beautiful bright blue wet pour. This all ultimately created an amazing final project.

This has completely transformed the school yard for the children. It will undoubtedly bring a lot of fun and creativity and may even inspire the sailors of the future!

To create this amazing playground, Discovery Timber first installed the incredible wooden play boat. Then we completed the ground works, installed the artificial grass and laid the wet pour. Unfortunately, we did face a few set backs and delays due to the weather. However, we managed to complete the project in just under three working weeks.

Blue wetpour water and artificial grass

Artificial Grass Choices

Artificial grass for schools is an excellent surfacing option. First of all, maintenance is incredibly easy – the only thing we recommend is to rake away leaves and debris. No muddy mess will be created either, which make it a fantastic choice for Primary Schools and nurseries alike. 

Taller pile heights of artificial grass such as our Lush Lawn 35 make for a softer lawn. This is therefore ideal for rough tumble and play. It also creates another layer of sensory stimulation for the children without grazing children’s skin. Additionally, for peace of mind, you can install shock pads underneath, providing children with cushioning from slips or falls. 

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