Which Surfacing Options are Right for Outdoor Fitness Areas?

Are you looking to surface a new outdoor fitness area?

Whether it is for running tracks, outdoor gyms, athletic tracks, tennis courts, badminton or basketball courts, Playsmart can guide you to making the best choice for your sports surfacing requirements.

Now let’s explore our options:

Outdoor Gym Recommendations

PlaySmart are often asked to provide hard-wearing surfacing for outdoor gyms. As these areas increase in popularity, providers are looking for more durable surfacing solutions to keep them safe and looking good in the long term.

Our Jungle Mulch, RubbaSmart wet pour flooring and EcoSmart grass mats are all popular solutions offering a neat and practical base for your chosen exercise equipment. Jungle Mulch and wet pour give a great hard wearing aesthetic with year-round slip and fall resistance. Those surfacing options are perfect for rainy environments where extra slip resistance must be taken into consideration.

Running Track Recommendations

Any Running track or athletics track has to be designed to take place in any weather, at any time of day. Therefore, it is important to make sure the surface is durable and can withstand all weather conditions while also having increased longevity.

Our exclusive Jungle Mulch rubber mulch is the ideal running track surface material as the colourful finish holds firm under heavy footfall and is non-slip to all relevant British Standards. It can be tailored exactly to your requirement with low maintenance, high quality products being used, creating a wow factor all year round!

Key Benefits of Rubber Mulch Surfacing

  • Durable, all weather surface
  • Very low maintenance
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Suppresses weeds, but accommodates tree and plant growth
  • Minimal sub-base required, saving money
  • Quick to install, with minimal disruption to the ground and site

How long will rubber mulch last?

Rubber mulch is a worthwhile investment, and stands the test of time.

It has an expected life of up to 10 years, provided proper rubber mulch maintenance is kept. It has an advantage over other surfacing options; for example, being cheaper than wet pour, more robust than loose wood chips and so on.

Having your rubber mulch installed by a team of experts is also a vital step to a long-lasting product, as it ensures quality materials, quality installation and quality after-care advice.

Funding for schools installing a jogging track

Since 2013, The Ministry for Education has allowed budgetary allocations for the improvements of school grounds and facilities. Primary Schools in England are entitled to receive £16,000 plus £10 per pupil (for schools with more than 17 pupils) as part of the Sports Premium Funding initiative. Schools must ensure and provide evidence that they are using the Sports Premium Funding in the most effective way. The funding must have the goal of increasing and improving sporting opportunities for children.

This is a perfect initiative for more schools to take advantage of the funding and install a new jogging track that will keep children active during the day!

Other examples of how schools have sourced funding are through: fundraisers supported by their local banks or sport associations; hosting local fundraisers; or through donations from their local councils.

Multi Game Sports Surfaces Recommendations

FlexCourt is a global leader in high-performance modular sport surfaces. Their mission of helping people create lasting memories indoor, outdoor, at home and in the community is one we can certainly get on-board with.

With custom designs available and little to no maintenance, their product is the right choice for many different types of customers. PlaySmart is proud to be the sole distributor for FlexCourt within the UK.

With FlexCourt’s modular solutions you combine the benefits of a premium game court with top-of-the-line user-friendliness and simple maintenance. Perfect for both professional and recreational use, FlexCourt can be used for a variety of applications from volleyball to badminton and tennis to hockey, name a sport and we’ll have a solution for you!

Finishing ramps are available too, giving greater accessibility for everyone wanting to get involved in sport.

Flexcourt can be personalised with special lines, non-standard colours or unique logos! And on top of all this, we offer a 16 year warranty, with a proven lifecycle of 20+ years!


FlexCourt uses patented Flexion® structure that is ergonomic and safe. The tiles themselves are self-draining, so you’ll never have any issues with puddling. The system is also resistant to bacteria, mildew and surface moulds.

Blue Tennis courts

We continue to innovate and promote only the best products to ensure quality and safety is met while also being environmentally friendly.

Get in touch today and of our advisors will be more than happy to help.

You can learn more about our products here or please give us a call on 01564 721811

Best wishes, the PlaySmart team!


PlaySmart UK is a family run business with a focus on excellent customer services and the experience to recommend the right solution for your play area. If you are interested in installing Smartplay, JungleMulch or Flexcourt surfaces please check out our website for more details or contact our team today.

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  1. Excellent reading! The outdoor gym may be installed on various surfaces, such as artificial grass, tarmac, wet pour, rubber mulch, and concrete. Rubber is, in my view, one of the greatest surfaces for outdoor life and exercise. It is a very strong and durable substance that is ideal for outdoor playground activities since it is non-slip and shock-absorbing. The asphalt surface is another possibility. It is an all-weather porous surface suitable for a long-lasting and resilient outdoor gym.

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