Celebrate the Holidays with PlaySmart!

As we get deeper into the winter months, PlaySmart would like to wish you a very happy holiday!

If you are looking for a playground surfacing this Christmas then PlaySmart has you covered with our wide range of playground, trail and sports surfaces.

Even though the weather is getting gloomier and colder, children’s outdoor play opportunities should not be abandoned as it is an important way to staying active. Learning through play theory says it can even enhance communication skills and all other kinds of learning through fun on the local play area or school playground!

PlaySmart’s Safety Surfacing

PlaySmart is always innovating the best slip resistant surfacing in order to ensure a safe play environment for both children and adults helping you to advance your playground ideas.

A colourful playground structure covered in snow

For example, RubbaSmart wet pour is a smooth surface that can be used to brighten up your playground surfaces, whether you prefer bold solid colour or incorporate crazy designs!

This cost-effective wet pour surfacing solution is recommended for use in school playgrounds, parks and public places.

Other uses for RubbaSmart wet pour rubber surfacing include:

  • Multi-use games areas
  • Parks and recreation grounds
  • Outdoor gyms
  • Seating areas
  • Splash pads
  • Domestic gardens
Black playground swing set in the snow

PlaySmart’s expert wet pour flooring installation meets requirements for the appropriate critical fall height criteria for your playground equipment, and can be repaired or topped up with a reskim layer when required. We can install this flooring type on over existing surfaces such as concrete or tarmac or we can lay a sub base.

RubbaSmart is above all a safety surface and can be specified at varying thicknesses in order to provide a range of Critical Fall Heights from 20mm (0.7m CFH) to 130mm (3.0m CFH) keeping your children safe from critical fall damage in case they slip.

Child sliding down a red plastic slide in a snowy playground with their parent watching, both wrapped up warm in winter clothes

We know that letting your kids play in the snow may be dangerous sometimes due to the slippery ice.

If fall damage is of critical concern to you when looking for the best surface for a children’s play area then check our Smart Play Safety Surfacing which is a playground cushioning material play surface perfect to avoid the bumps and bruises that can come from play

PlaySmart for your Winter Pathways

PlaySmart is not only innovating playground surfacing, but also trail surfacing creation with a focus on providing an aesthetic and safe trail for everyone to navigate on regardless of age.

PlaySmart trail surfacing can be used for the design of trails in your back garden winter wonderland, or trails in your local park where couples and families to enjoy their Christmas walks through the snow.

Jungle Mulch bonded rubber mulch surfacing is PlaySmart’s exclusive surfacing material for a range of purposes- in parks, play areas and public spaces, but also for pathways, mounds, embankments and erosion control areas.

Jungle Mulch is also an increasingly popular surfacing solution product for specialist sports surfacing such as golf pathways and even skate parks.

jungle mulch thumbnail
Play Video about jungle mulch thumbnail

The bonded rubber mulch provides excellent slip resistance while being fully buggy and wheelchair accessible. We can install JungleMulch at a range of fully certified depths to provide fall protection to suit your requirements.

Start your Winter Journey with PlaySmart Today!

We have a range of expert information for more details on winter surfacing solutions for you to explore to find where your playground or outdoor space can benefit from PlaySmart’s playground surfacing

Learn more about our products or check out our FAQs for any burning questions on maintenance, price point or safety and accessibility.

Or you can also get in touch today with our handy contact form, or by calling our friendly team of advisors on 01564 721811. We’ll be happy to help and guide you in your next playground project.

Best wishes, the PlaySmart team!

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