Why a Safe Space to Play is Important in Residential Areas

When developing a playground area for a residential area, your playground design needs to consider the needs of local residents. As a meeting point for the whole community and a space to play for children of all ages, the installation needs to accommodate a range of needs to keep people safe and happy.

PlaySmart has worked to provide quality playground surfaces for home development projects around the country. Residential areas have unique needs for safety, accessibility, and display design to create a popular, secure space to play. Here is our top advice that the current and future users of your space will love!

How does Outdoor Play Create a Healthy Environment for Children & Families?

Being outside is great for the all-round health and well-being of children. Having a space to play close to the home has been seen to reduce antisocial behaviours and improve community cohesion. The local park can become a social hub for housing estates and local neighbourhoods to enjoy the fresh air together and make lasting connections.

Even a small green space with some playground equipment or furniture is attractive to visitors and residents alike. This is especially true for urban parks in housing developments, connecting communities that may be under-socialised due to lockdown isolation. So why not include a high-quality common space for fun and relaxation in your housing development plans?

Accessible, Safe Walkways

When designing a communal space for children in busy urban areas or in small residential spaces in between or along roads, keeping children safe from hazards is vital. The best surface for children’s play area sites has to take this into account with clever playground design with clear areas they are allowed to go to avoid cars and traffic.

Walkways and paths away from roads should be durable, slip resistant and clearly marked as pedestrian pathways. Pathways surrounded with fencing, vegetation or bright colours and attractive designs help keep kids on designated pathways and out of the way of potential dangers.

Rubber Mulch is the ideal surfacing material for this, the vibrant, durable rubber is cost-effective and requires minimal maintenance. The wide choice of colours and non-disruptive installation process means that you can incorporate safety pathways into your playground design or theme to guide children away from roads with intuitive surface design.

Water Permeable Pathways

Keeping walkways safe necessitates ensuring full and easy accessibility. Wide, flat pathways for buggy and wheelchair accessibility helps create a more inclusive playground, enabling whole communities to come together.

Puddling or muddy ground reduces accessibility and removes the whole purpose of having pathways in the first place! Therefore, PlaySmart’s experts will work with you to perform a ground survey to provide the best playground surface options for your site. JungleMulch is a fully water-permeable safety surface suitable for installation with minimal subbase requirements. Whereas, our SmartPave bonded rubber aggregates are fully porous to meet the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) requirements that many built-up areas and housing developments have.

Protecting Grass on Greenfield Site Play Surfaces

In suburban residential developments, playgrounds, play fields and sports pitches are a popular use of space. Keeping green space and vegetation is important to maintaining an area’s natural atmosphere and feel, so safety surfacing that works with nature is a great solution.

Protecting grass with rubber grass mats in areas of heavy foot traffic, particularly under playground equipment, keeps your grass looking fresh, and reduces risks of injuries in the play area. We recommend EcoSmart grass mats with SmartPlay shock absorbent underlay as innovative child safety playground flooring options with reduced risks of sinking while also encouraging grass growth through the porous honeycombed structure of the mats.

Hybrid Grass to Keep your Site Green

In residential areas, upkeep of lawns, especially large areas of grass in football pitches can use a lot of water and require a lot of work. One solution to this is combining your natural grass with Hybrid Grass surfaces.

Hybrid Grass mats provide long-term durability to your grass area that looks natural and feels great all year round. No groundwork is required to install these hybrid grass mats so your natural grass or seeded soil is not damaged and is able to grow alongside the synthetic grass materials right away.

Using natural materials in a residential area creates an aesthetically pleasing space to play. This provides a visual separation from urban housing developments to enhance the play experience and improve mental health.

Whatever your Development Requires, PlaySmart has your back!

Housing Developers looking for reliable surfacing for residential new builds or landscaping projects want professional, commercial flooring suppliers with a wide variety of options for each unique specification. PlaySmart, as a professional playground company with over 20 years of experience on large-scale projects and a client-first approach, give you the opportunity to create your perfect outdoor space to play with no hassle!

So why not fill in our handy contact form to request a callback or claim your Free Quote? Get started with PlaySmart to take your first step toward new professional surfacing for your site today!

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