Take a look at our brand new playground surfacing brochure

With so many playground surfaces on the market – how do you know which surface is right for your project? We’ve created a new playground surfacing brochure that includes information on all of our products.

Our range of playground surfacing has been carefully developed with safety in mind. We offer both traditional safety flooring, such as grass mats and mulch, as well as our own bespoke patented surface, SmartPlay.

What does the surfacing guide include?

As safety surface specialists with over 15 years experience, we’ve thought carefully about the information you may want to know in regards to finding the perfect surface for your project.

Our guide features:

  • An overview of our complete range of surfacing
  • Key features of each product
  • Technical information about Critical Fall Height (CFH) of each product and standards our surfaces are tested against
  • FAQ section for each surface that addresses key questions we’re often asked
  • Lots of great imagery to inspire your next project!

Where can I get the playground surfacing brochure?

To get your free copy of the guide… please click on the image below to download!

playground surfacing brochure

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