SmartPlay installation process

SmartPlay installation process

In this case study, we are going to go into the details of the SmartPlay installation process.
You may be asking, what is SmartPlay?

Well, SmartPlay is our patented foam shock pad, which when used in conjunction with our EcoSmart or FireSmart grass mats becomes the SmartPlay System.
SmartPlay has a range of benefits, including enhanced fall heights, encouraging grass growth in high action areas and preventing grass mats from sinking into the ground.

SmartPlay can be laid on top of existing ground using turf to create a ramp edge or alternatively the ground can be excavated to the depth required to accommodate either the 25mm or 45mm shock pad to create one level surface.

Our SmartPlay System is tested on both concrete and grass bases by Labosport and is certified for fall heights from 0.8m all the way up to 3m. Not only does the system have incredibly good certification results, it also increases the longevity of the playground surfacing. You can read more about Critical Fall Heights here.

In Radford Semele, the ground was excavated for our 45mm shock pad prior to our arrival. This turf was then used to create two mounds at either end of the play area.

SmartPlay Installation process

The first step of the SmartPlay installation process is to install our 45mm shock pads. In the second step, we filled the holes in the shock pads with topsoil, then laid 25mm topsoil with grass seed over the top of the pads. Finally, we installed our EcoSmart matting. These photos show the installation process at Radford Semele. The final photo was taken once the grass had grown through.

Ground excavated for our 45mm shock pad
smartplay shock pad
Installation of SmartPlay
Fill holes with topsoil then lay 25mm topsoil and grass seed over the top of the shock pad
smartplay increases critical fall height
Installation of EcoSmart
Grass mats with grown through grass
Grass growth through shock pad and grass matting

Critical Fall Height results

EcoSmart & SmartPlay System results from independent tests to BS EN 1177 (2018)


Concrete base (laboratory test)

Grass base (field tests)

EcoSmart only



SmartPlay 25 & EcoSmart



SmartPlay 45 & EcoSmart



If you have any further question about the SmartPlay installation process, fall height information or anything else please feel free to get in touch! You can reach our experienced team directly on 01564 742811

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